Clean, simple lines paired with a reclaimed feel made this early 2000s home tell a story.

Highmark contemporary light fixture with multiple random golden rods holding clear glass globes.


  • 2019 Chrysalis Award – Residential Kitchen under $150,000
  • Lead Designer, Kelly McDermont, Ruby+Suede

Remodeling with Charm

The house was built in 2000–a not-so-long-ago era when homes were designed with built-in storage to hide away chunky TVs and DVD collections. Walls, recessed lighting, and dark wood tones were featured in this dated style. This remodel would need to be spacious, bright and modern, while retaining a sense of character.

Open kitchen and dining area with dark hardwood floors, granite countertop and rich wood cupboards.

A Space to Entertain

By removing all of the soffits and the wall between the kitchen and living room, we were able to achieve an open floor plan and expand the kitchen. This created a great flow for daily living and entertaining large groups of people.

While laying out the cabinetry and appliances we made sure there was at least two feet of countertop space adjacent to each appliance. This eases meal prep and improves safety while working in the kitchen as well.

Durability + Beauty

During the design process, every single cabinet and drawer was assigned a function. We incorporated many custom accessories including a silverware/utensil drawer, built-in knife block, pop-up mixer shelf, pull out spice rack, and USB outlets in drawers.

Durability was an important factor in this kitchen. Because of this we chose to go with a quartz countertop that mimics the look of marble. For the backsplash, we chose a ceramic tile that is easy to clean. Both products will withstand the look of time and require little to no maintenance.

Traditional with a Twist

The existing kitchen was dark and outdated, but the owner still wanted to maintain the traditional style. We decided to introduce a bright and airy color scheme with blue accents to make the room feel bigger.

What really makes this kitchen stand out are the cabinetry details – from the custom grids and antique mirror to the paneled walkway into the kitchen. The finished spaces are traditional, but with a twist.